Phentermine Without Prescription

Phentermine Without Prescription

Phentermine is a prescription drug used to suppress appetite and thus helps in weight loss. This medicine is an amphetamine derivative and is a widely prescribed weight loss drug in the United States. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for weight loss in the year 1973 and is also available as low cost generic medication. Order Phentermine Online to help you reduce weight without going to the pharmacy.

Phentermine is the Generic name for the following commercial name drugs:

  • Lonamin
  • Oby-cap
  • Adipex-P
  • Obenix
  • Zantryl
  • Teramine

This drug works by increasing the release of brain chemicals – norepinephrine and dopamine that simulate your metabolism and also suppress your appetite. It stimulates the release and also the inhibition of some brain chemicals. In essence, your mind is tricked into feeling full.

It is listed as a schedule IV medication under the controlled substances act. This implies that phentermine does come with abuse potential, though its actual potential is low.  Buy Real Phentermine Online for effective treatment of obesity.

Taking Phentermine Without Prescription Leads To Its Abuse

Over-the-counter diet medications, for instance, Phentermine Without Prescription are said to be as one of the unhealthiest and most fatal ways of cutting down on weight. Diet medicines are readily and easily available to almost every individual, thus making them the main target for abuse. Even those people who initiate the treatment with this drug for the right medical reason may see themselves ingesting the drug in higher amounts in order to get the desired outcome.

Addiction to diet drugs, for instance, phentermine is frequently the outcome of its ingredients such as the following:

  • Ephedrine
  • Caffeine
  • Phenylpropranolamine

These ingredients come with addictive properties and make this medicine a vulnerable target for addiction, tolerance and finally abuse. Since such medications are easily accessible and considered quite safe, they pose an increased risk of misuse and abuse.

What Are The Effects Of Taking Phentermine Without Prescription?

It is not exactly known to the medical practitioners how this drug works to help you lose weight. It could do so by either by increasing the amount of energy consumed by your body or by decreasing your appetite. Further, it may also impact certain regions of your brain. This drug is an appetite suppressant and falls under the group of medications known as sympathomimetic amines.

Regular ingestion of phentermine may result in the occurrence of some side effects. In case more severe side effects surface, you may have to discontinue the use of this medicine but not without the consultation with the doctor as it may lead to undesired withdrawal reactions.  Some of the severe side effects linked with the usage of this drug may include the following:

  • Uneven or fast heartbeat
  • Unusual behavior or thoughts
  • Swelling
  • Pain in the chest
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Feeling as if you may pass out
  • Dangerously high blood pressure
  • Feeling confused or restless

In case any of the above mentioned effects surface, seek medical help immediately. Buy Phentermine without Prescription in order to effectively help lose weight.